Practice Pages e-Book


One A4 Pracitce Page per week with tick boxes and motivational images. You will also find extra keyboards, manuscript, theory and scale support. Helps with organising practice and teaching and writing integrated practice notes.

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  1. Lucinda Mackworth Young

    This is also to tell you about Roberta Wolff’s marvellous practice books. They are very eye-catching, inspiring and motivating for pupils.

    Lucinda Mackworth Young is a pioneering consultant, lecturer and writer in psychology for musicians, and an experienced concert pianist and teacher as well as Course Director for the Piano Teacher’s Course.

  2. Sally Cathcart

    Many thanks for sending your practice book to me – it is delightful and there are lots of good, motivational ideas in it. I particularly liked the page where you go through the different stages of learning.

    Sally Cathcart is one of The Curious Piano Teachers

  3. Emily Stringer

    The book arrived in the post today. It is really super. Thank you very much.

  4. Parent of Piano Student, Amanda Duncan

    We love the book by the way!

  5. Jenny Yip, Hong Kong

    This is a very comprehensive notebook which has got everything a student needs with wonderful layout and colourful pictures. It also includes some useful theory concepts for quick reference. It is the best I have seen so far.

  6. Pia Kruithof – Piano Teacher

    I am really enjoying working with Music Me Piano, The feedback has been very positive, practicing has increased and is more focussed for those using the book. I find using it as a teacher good too. I forgot to say how valuable the learning stages were – for the child to decide which stage they’re working on. Very constructive.

  7. Liz Trueman and Student

    As a piano teacher I can thoroughly recommend MMP. I am using it with a number of pupils and it is proving to be a valuable tool in ensuring effective practice. Both children and adults enjoy recording their progress and it helps us all to be more organised! One adult pupil recently said: “I feel more confident now I have the book. I can see that I really am achieving something.”

  8. Eralys Fernandez

    I have used Roberta’s book with many of my students. The design is bright, breezy and appealing to children but not patronising to adults. Both children and adults have found the book helpful and it is also beneficial to myself as a teacher. Practice points in a lesson are easily forgotten, before the student starts to practice at home. Often the student says they have practiced hard, but without a structured plan it is difficult to improve. Both the children and adults take pride in the book as they can follow their progress.

    The book is also useful for the parents. Sometimes they don’t attend the lessons and if they do they are not always fully concentrating. The book helps the parents play a more constructive role in the practice sessions.

    The book helps myself as a teacher remember the last lesson. It gives feedback to parents, illustrating lessons have a purpose and a plan. Ultimately parents pay for lessons and they do like to see professionalism and progress and this book helps a lot.

    I have been very happy to recommend Roberta’s book to all my students. Eralys Fernandez

  9. Piano Teacher, Hampshire

    It has been really nice having a pre-structured page with the same place to look at each week for each aspect. My pupil seemed really motivated leading up to the exam and she largely has to do it unsupervised so I think the nice layout of the notebook really encouraged her to read it. So thank you!

  10. Adult Student of Eralys Fernandez

    I got this book a couple of months ago and think it is fantastic. Each lesson my piano teacher makes notes for me as we go along and it really helps me to focus my practice for the following week. I like the fact that there are different sections for each area of practice and therefore I can make sure that I do each one rather than focussing on the thing I find most enjoyable all the time. The reference section is good and there are clear instructions throughout to help you get the most out of the book. I really like the bright illustrations on the cover and I’m sure it would appeal to children too. All in all helps to make it learning fun!

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